10 Amazing kitchen gifts under $10

Its Christmas time and it’s the festival of giving. There are so many things that you can gift your loved ones and the special ones. But here is a list of gift items that are unique and useful too. These kitchen items are not only aesthetic, and will beautify your kitchen, they will also be of use for your loved one. They come at a price not more than $10, and you can enjoy a priceless smile of joy without burning a hole in your pocket.

These small and amazing gifts will show your love and concern for the loved one, and that too at a relatively low cost. These items make excellent individual gift and also shows your taste and eye for nice things.

The magical spiral whisk

The whisk is not only colorful and playful, but the magical spiral whisk has a double coil, which speaks for its effectiveness. It is one of the most important kitchen tools, and its design and color will definitely add décor to the kitchen. It is available for a mere $8.00 from Anthropologie.

Utensil pot clip

This utensil pot clip will surely bring in a smile for the family`s kitchen-in-charge. It will save him/her from causing a mess and doubling up the work of cleaning stovetops or kitchen tops caused by sauce/oil laced spoons. This is designed to clip onto the sides of pots. Added with scratch and slip protective, heat-resistant silicon padding, it is available with container store. The price is just $6.99.

Hand held milk-frother

At $2.99 this hand held milk frother, can change the way you take your coffee, hot chocolate or tea every morning. This tiny item can really create a huge amount of foam, and thereby the look and feel of your tea, coffee or hot cocoa can just change into something special. This product is available with IKEA.

The Spice Jars

Colorful and small in size these spice jars will add color and beauty to the kitchen. The jars are stamped with “Plein de Bonne Choses” in French, which means full of good things. The gift will be full of love and care, and later it will be full of excellent spices for some great cooking. Priced at just $4.00, it’s a bargain from Anthropologie.

Olive wood egg cups

Olive wood egg cups are available from West Elm, and are priced at $8.00 only. They are made from olive wood and handcrafted in Germany. The rich marble grain finish adds to the beauty of the thing. This gift will not only be a piece of gift, but also a piece of art on the breakfast tables.

Acacia wood measuring spoon

This unique and naturally made kitchen tool is sure to make your loved one smile. It not only solves the problem of measuring ingredients, but also looks beautiful in the kitchen. Made from beautiful light Acacia wood, they are priced at $9.00 and are available from West Elm.

Stam bottle openers

These bottle openers are colorful and beautifully designed also. Available from IKEA at just $0.99, you can buy a handful and of a variety of color and simply use it as a decorating element in the kitchen.


Persimmon dish cloth set

The kitchen always has a complain of insufficient dish cloth. At $5.99, “someone in the kitchen” offers a 3-piece Persimmon Dish cloth set. This is available in a range of color combinations, and is further packed in an exotic Chinese-take-out lookalike box.


compostable bags

These compost bags are made from vegetable oil and cornstarch. They are biodegradable and that too easily and quickly. Use these bags for your vegetable peel waste, and they also prevent odor building in compost container as well. This eco-friendly gift will surely make a style statement to your kitchen.

A roll of 25 is available for just $6.50 from Lee valley.


Mrs. Meyer’s clean day products

Cleaning a kitchen is always painful, and also all the cleaning agents used may cause harm to the skin and environment as well. Mrs. Meyer presents Kitchen Basics set for $9.99. This product is environment friendly, skin friendly. They smell good and above all really clean the kitchen.


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