Why is having a water cooler in your kitchen a good idea?

Drinking water is good for you; there is no doubt about that. The optimum amount of water to drink varies from person to person but it’s around nine average sized glasses per day. Drinking it from the tap itself is the best thing you could do to your body. Aside from being less safe or clean, bottled water is also very bad for the environment. Nonetheless, when drinking water from the tap, we need to make sure it is filtered, fresh and cool as well; having a water cooler in your kitchen helps to make this happen.

Water coolers are a great addition to any kitchen, whether in an office or a private home. If you want a water cooler dispenser in your kitchen you may be surprised to find that they are actually very affordable. There are different types of water cooler available; we will talk about this in more detail later. Depending on which type of water cooler you choose, you are likely to pay, on average, between AU$ 40 and AU$ 270.

Reasons to have a water cooler in your home

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Before we take a look at which type of water cooler you may want to choose, let’s think about why you would want a water cooler in your home. The single biggest reason is that you have a constant supply of cool and fresh water for everyone in your home to drink. Here are some other reasons why purchasing a water cooler is a good idea.

  • It’s more environmentally friendly than drinking bottled water. Each bottle of water is produced using the equivalent of around a quarter of that same bottle filled with oil which is a dwindling and often dirty fossil fuel. Plastic bottles also end up in landfills or floating in the ocean.
  • Water coolers are incredibly easy to maintain as long as you keep them clean.
  • Many water coolers come with both hot and cold water options for extra convenience.
  • Buying and operating a water cooler is cheaper than buying bottled water.

What type of water cooler to choose

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The two basic types of water cooler are free standing and counter top. If you have a large home kitchen, you are investing in a water cooler for a business kitchen, or you have plenty of floor space available, you would find that a free standing water cooler is the best option for you. If you are limited for space in your kitchen, it never means you cannot have a water cooler; you will just need to opt for the more compact counter top design. Whichever option you choose you will have access to constant fresh and cool water.

You can see that it does not cost a fortune to purchase a water cooler for your kitchen. If you want to have plenty of water, to keep you hydrated and help with your digestion, then investing in a water cooler helps make sure the water you drink is tasty and safe.

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