Valuable Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

We are aware of everything but we tend to keep that information in our unconscious mind. We need some guide to bring that information to our conscious mind. I thought to help you out with some kitchen tips by placing my gun on the shoulder of Feng Shui.
Following are ten tips about which I am sure you know but trend to ignore.

Use all the stove burners regularly — don’t use just one burner, rotate their use
Keep knives out of sight
Clean — particularly the stove/oven, the refrigerator, and under the sink
Repair anything that needs to be repaired
De-clutter — this includes hidden clutter, so clean out your cupboards
The cook must be able to see anyone entering the door — if necessary, use reflective tile or a mirror over the stove
Keep trash and recycling out of sight
Have adequate lighting
Place fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter, windowsill, or table.

Image from Adriennechinn

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