Single handed serving tray for frequent party throwers

single handed tray 5
No doubts it’s the age of multitasking and those who are adroit at that need not worry about anything, for they walk away with laurels most of the time. And throwing a party is also no exception to this rule of multitasking. Moreover, this is one area where you actually have to play a lot many roles to keep the things in good shape.

So to help you with that, comes this unique one handed serving tray. This will not only help you serve drinks to your guests, but will also leave you free to welcome the guests comfortably. The unique handle of the tray that flexes out at a 55-degree angle, always keeps the tray in an upright position.

Apart from this, the tray features a non-slip rubberized surface for extra stability and comes handy enough to carry not just drinks but food as well as a bottle of wine, without any chances of tipping and falling.

It seems to be a great option, but honestly speaking, I’ll prefer to ire a butler to serve drinks and keep myself free to welcome the guests rather than roaming around holding that tray.

Price: $69.96
Via: PopGadget

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