Shower more love on your kitchen and cooking with smart ovens

Cooking is awesome. Though some may have a natural liking for the art, there are few who do it as they have no option. Both these categories can benefit with the new changes in the world of cooking and appliances. Now you have some really cool ovensthat make cooking easy and fun filled.

  1. June Intelligent Oven

June Intelligent Oven

June helps you cook restaurant quality food. This modern oven can fit on any countertop. But it has spacious interiors so that you can easily roast an entire chicken or bake a huge 12-inch pizza. You can control the oven remotely using its accompanying app. This oven offers excellent results by cooking the food to precision. The in-ceiling cameras identify the food and depending on the food and the weight recommend a cooking program. This oven has Wi-Fi connectivity, HD cameras, weight sensors, LED touch screen and a powerful CPU.

  1. Whirlpool Innit

Whirlpool Innit

Whirlpool intends to get into the retail market ovens based on Innit’s smart oven technology by the year 2017. They will integrate the technology in their Jenn-Air connected wall ovens. The modern technology will help you control your oven through your smart phone.

These Jenn Air ovens there are sensors which help the consumer cook meals which are delicious and also reduce the stress that is involved in cooking. These ovens with the Innit technology will surely help consumers get restaurant style food in their homes.

  1. Samsung’s new smart oven

Samsung’s new smart oven

As per the claims of the company, the new smart Wi-Fi enabled oven is the first with a virtual flame. The virtual flame, which is blue LEDs, is used for electric stove tops. This virtual flame helps gauge the amount of heat produced by the electric burners.

These ovens have Wi-Fi connectivity and they can be connected with any home routers. This enables the consumer to preheat (depends on the range), monitor the oven remotely with the help of a smartphone. The flex duo technology of the oven allows it to be split into two compartments. Both these compartments can be monitored with a smartphone.

  1. Discovery IQ Smart ovens

Discovery IQ Smart ovens

The unique features of the oven include control features like guided cooking, quick start and my modes. You can now receive a text message when your food is ready. The Dacor discovery IQ smart oven has a built-in Android tablet.

This feature helps a person look out for recipes and content online. They can even watch a video while cooking. This smart oven can be controlled remotely. This truly makes your cooking easy and hassle-free. The IQ smart oven with the innovative technology shows that even ovens can be smart.

  1. LG Smart ThinQ Oven

LG Smart ThinQ Oven

LG Smart ThinQ oven has 6.3 cu.ft. capacity. This smart oven has features like infra red grill warming drawers, dual element burners. These ovens have a touchpad interface and are easy to operate. They have an app which helps you use your smartphone as a remote control for your oven. The dual element burners can be used for rapid boiling. The oven also has infrared broiler.

These appliances with the smart ThinQ technology have the smartness to detect the lower power consumption in your area. This is used to operate the oven at lower energy rates. However the oven currently has a few performance issues but overall it is a good one in this new concept of smart appliances.

These smart ovens are surely going to design the way we cook in the future. We can say the future of cooking is awesome.

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