Non-stick Griddle for pan-seared foods

griddle pan

All Clad presents the ultimate griddle pan for your pancakes, omelets, French toasts and other pan-seared foods. The Griddle pan is seasoned enough to serve as a non-stick pan and it has a unique triple-ply design under the non-stick surface to accomodate maximum heat transfer. Though this griddle pan is suitable to be used in oven upto 400°F, yet it cannot be used in broilers. The pans are not dishewasher safe, but they are non-stick enough to allow you to cook with less or no oil.

This is built in a square form to accomodate large quantity of batter or foods. This Non-Stick Griddle is available in the online retail store of Golda’s Kitchen for $200. So take home this griddle pan home for oil-free foods this summer.

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