How to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage?

Maximizing kitchen cabinet storage allows you to focus on avoiding items that are not going to be stored in the cabinets thereby allowing space for storage of items. Your kitchen cabinet should be maximized in such a way that you would be able to store your kitchen essentials properly. We sometimes blindly follow purchasing the cabinets available in stores. But with a little bit of creativity we can ourselves design our cabinets to create a spacious kitchen with equally spacious cabinets to fulfill our requirements. Remove all the items from cabinets for getting a clear visualization of the kitchen space and cabinets. It also allows you to see what items can be stored where to work best before you start rearranging. You can work with a much bigger kitchen and good storage cabinets by following some simple tips mentioned below.

Maximizing kitchen cabinet storage

1. What to place in the cabinet and what not to:

Always make sure that only the essentials are used and placed in your limited cabinet space.

2. Designing the Shelves:

Designing shelves is an important part before thinking about maximizing the cabinet’s storage. Opt for shelf dividers, turntables (makes smaller food items like jams, jars easier to reach). Plan baskets under the shelves. They are also a great way to make use of space at shelf tops. Install pull-out shelves on lower cabinets. These cabinets increase storage and are easy to mount. They are a great storage solution for larger cookwares. These are especially used for corner cabinets where we generally waste a lot of space due to improper angles.

3. Stacking:

Proper stacking is essential because it will ensure that you keep only those things that fits in and makes sense, which means storing similar items together. List out your items and then stack all the things together. Keep all the canned products in one portion like beans, juices, drinks, vegetables, fruits, soups, ready to eats etc. Keep boxed goods like tea, coffee, cereals, snacks, cookies and biscuits in a separate place. All the pickle, jam, jelly jars in similar shapes can be stacked in together. Move all the heavier items below.

4. Creating space:

Segregate the items that are kept within the cabinets. Look at all the items that you can donate, sell or that can be reused. Appliances that you don’t use can be given away or wrapped and store inside your home storage area. Place your daily appliances in your kitchen top. Move the coffee mugs, tea cups, wine glasses under the cabinet.

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