Maintenance and cleaning tips for copper kitchen hood vents

If you are thinking to buy a kitchen hood vent, consider copper kitchen hood vents too. Avoiding it because of the difficulty in cleaning and maintaining them is a fallacy of the mind. These not only enhance the appeal of your kitchen but also last long if maintained well.

The elegance of copper

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Apart from the Sultan of Brunei and a hand full of other big shots, no one will be able to get a kitchen hood vent made of gold in their kitchens. Does the Sultan ever go to his kitchen or kitchens? How will it make a difference even if the hood vent is made of gold? Coming back to the point, copper is a good and an affordable option. The metal is strong, when maintained well it is elegant, and worth the effort and the money, you spent on it. Don’t worry about the cleaning part it is not that difficult.

The cleaning part

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In our opinion, copper looks cool even after it has changed color. It is something natural and not easy to replicate. You don’t like it? We’ll show you how to get rid of it. To ensure the best care of your copper kitchen hood vent, we recommend you have a word with the supplier, to know the copper cleaner they recommend. If your copper hood vent is lacquered, you won’t be requiring a harsh cleaner or else it will damage the luster and the lacquer coating.

The first step is to remove the first layer of dirt and grease with the help of a damp cloth. When you start cleaning the hood and the water trickles down, the cloth isn’t damp, it’s wet. Get rid of the excess water. After this, apply the recommended cleaner on the entire surface, not sparing any corner.

There are a variety of cleaners available, each bottle will have their own instructions, follow it diligently. You will have to coat the entire surface and leave it on for some time, read the instructions, as the time to leave it on will vary from product to product.

Scheduled maintenance

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Getting it serviced from time to time will make the hood vent last you years. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer on the servicing schedule. Keep in mind the copper hood vent will last you many years without getting out of fashion. You will not have to replace it as long as it is functional, if it is timely serviced it is bound to serve you for long.

The simple tips that will enable you to get the best out of the copper hood kitchen vent.

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