Keep These Important Parts of Your Kitchen Running Efficiently

Your kitchen is the center of activity in your busy household. Whether you’re planning to cook a special meal, keep a surprise birthday cake cool, heat up your newborn’s bottle, rinse off a painful cut, or wash your family’s heirloom china, your kitchen has to meet the challenge. It’s up to you to make sure everything is in proper working order, so pay careful attention to these parts of your kitchen for a smooth routine every day.


For households all over the country, the refrigerator is an essential appliance that makes many tasks in the kitchen possible. Your refrigerator helps keep temperature-sensitive medicine cool and your family’s food in optimal storage conditions. If you’ve ever lost power or had a malfunctioning refrigerator, you know how tough life is without it. Make your refrigerator work better by maintaining the door seals, cleaning the coils periodically, and setting it to the recommended temperature of 40 degrees or lower. This way, you can trust the safety of the food you keep inside and not worry about spoilage or bacteria growth.


Many homeowners take their oven for granted. Slow-cooked family dinners would never be possible without this workhorse. You can ensure your oven cooks at the right temperature and never lets you down by taking better care of this appliance. Cleaning your oven is the best way you can help it do its job better. For self-cleaning ovens, you can simply set it and let it do all of the work. Other oven models require more elbow grease and effort in their cleaning.


Your dishwasher gets a daily dose of abuse from messy plates, filthy pots and pans, and grimy utensils. It’s smart to periodically perform maintenance on your dishwasher to keep it cleaning effectively. Experts recommend cleaning your dishwasher with vinegar to help prevent nasty build up. The spray nozzles and the filter can get especially dirty after heavy use in your household. It’s also important to clean the dishwasher seals with bleach to keep mold from developing.

Sink and Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen sink and garbage disposal is another pair of appliances that work together to make your life easier. You’ve got to take care of your sink and avoid throwing things like coffee grounds, oil, grease, or paper towels down it to keep your kitchen drain unclogged. Additionally, if you have a garbage disposal, some foods are off limits to the blades, such as potato peels, pasta, and apple cores. If you accidentally clog it, you’ll need to consult a reputable contractor, like Reimer Home Services, for help.


The last important tool in your kitchen that nearly everyone in the family probably uses is your microwave. If you have a high-end model, it’s important to be kind to your microwave so it lasts as long as possible. Try a periodic steam clean by microwaving a bowl of water and lemon or vinegar to help loosen stuck food particles. Rinse out the filter when it gets dirty to keep it functioning much better.

The different tools in your kitchen aren’t designed to last forever with regular heavy use. It’s your job to make sure you take good care of these important devices so you won’t find yourself in a tough situation.

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