JavaVoo Micro-Brew: The two-minute solution for great Espresso

micro brew personal barista 2263‘JavaVoo’ is sure to woo the Espresso lovers with their new boon called ‘The Micro-Brew Personal Barista’, which gives you all the goodness of Espresso coffe in just two minutes.

The Micro-Brew Personal Barista is a self-contained microwaveable Espresso and Latte maker and is the latest to come out of the shelves of JavaVoo to conquer your kitchen.

The couch potatoes have a reason to celebrate and to be sure of their celebration going Espresso style.

It comes complete with all the necessary ingredients including water, coffee, cream and sugar and can be brewed in a microwave in flat two minutes.

It even boasts of carrying an organic label, so the organic food freaks are sure to join the party.

The method of preparation is as simple as rubbing the magic lamp and calling out the genie.

The same taste of Espresso packaged in the sleekest attire and costing much less than its coffee-house counterpart comes in a variety of flavours to lighten up your taste buds.


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