Integrating New Countertops Into Your Kitchen and Bathroom Design

If you’re considering major upgrades to your bathroom and kitchen, you’re likely pondering how your countertops will factor into your new designs. You’ll need to think of several important aspects, including durability, style and function, before making your decisions. A quick guide to common materials, as well as some décor suggestions, will help guide you in selecting countertops as you remodel your home kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Require Different Approaches

When selecting your countertop surfaces, you’ll need to remember that your kitchen and bathroom each have different requirements for usage and sturdiness. While this fact might seem obvious, it will affect your choices in drastically different ways. In your kitchens, your countertops will need to be durable enough to stand up to contact with heat, cookware and knives as well as stains from food and drink. Conversely, your bathroom counters will see much less wear and tear. Because of this, you have a bit more leeway in your choices, but you’ll still need to keep functionality in mind.

Popular Materials All Have Their Unique Benefits

Several natural countertop materials remain as popular selections among homeowners. A 2012 blog post on Houzz revealed that soapstone is gaining popularity for its unique look, which is often enhanced with oiling treatments. Additionally, it’s favored in kitchens for its resistance to heat and stains. However, maintenance costs for soapstone and other softer rocks like limestone and marble can be high. Moreover, care must be taken to ensure that acidic materials such as vinegar and lemon juice do not permanently etch their surfaces.

On the other hand, granite and quartz offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for many in their kitchens. Both shine with a natural look that provides a great deal of visual depth. In addition, they also stand up to heat, nicks, cuts, scratches, stains and even acidic substances. Moreover, these surfaces look especially grand in bathrooms, setting the tone for luxurious design schemes that can make these rooms feel like refuges away from your everyday cares.

Your Décor Scheme Affects Your Selections

Yet another factor you’ll need to mull over when picking out your countertops is your décor styles. The wonderful advantage of many types of natural stone is that they can be effectively incorporated with several design motifs. If you’re just beginning your remodeling quest and need some inspiration, you may want to look at HGTV’s guide to interior design styles. Contemporary, Mediterranean, Old World, modern or minimalist décor schemes work the best with natural stone counters, but with a little creativity, they can be included with any decorating style.

Take Your Time and Choose Carefully

Your decision of countertop surfaces for your kitchens and bathrooms should not be taken lightly. However, these are also opportunities to employ your creative sensibilities. Picking your interior design scheme for each room first is an important first step. After this, you must consider durability and usage before making your final selections. Doing your homework and taking your time will pay off in the end, with beautiful countertops that stand up to both time and wear and tear.

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