How to maintain your cookware?

tuscanyTuscany Cookware range promises to deliver the maximum benefit that you can ever think of. They have style, unique designs and guarantee of their products. For maintaining the cookware there are few tips that needs to be followed accordingly.

If you are using the utensil for the first time, make sure that you wash them with plain water in and out with a mild liquid detergent. Tuscany makes it bottoms in such a way that remain free from rusting.

How to remove dirty stains?

While cooking spotting stains in the utensil is quite normal. So what you have to do is take a wet sponge dup it in some vinegar or lime juice and then gently remove the stain from the utensil. If the food gets burnt still you don’t have to worry: just soak the burnt utensil for few minutes or get some boiling water that will clean it easily. The easiest way is to put your dishwasher on a high temperature, add some vinegar in it and just see the look that it gets.

To dry them take a cloth of soft material, this will not leave any scratches on it.

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