How to Find the Best Trucking Job Near You


To find a trucking job near you, you can adopt different methods. Combining different modes can lead you to reliable companies looking to hire. Online job portals, load boards, phone, newspaper and word of mouth can be of use to find trucking jobs. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

How to find the best trucking job near you 

1. Online Trucking Specific Job Boards

Online-Trucking-Specific-Job-BoardsCheck job boards online, especially check the sections which have trucking jobs posted. Most trucking companies, especially big and medium sized companies post their job openings online.

You would find local and national jobs posted online, which is convenient if you are interested in interstate jobs.

However, sometimes the remuneration, time commitment is unclear. You should call or email the company or companies you are interested in to find out the details. If the company is evasive about mailing you details, then you should think twice about it.

Visit as many job boards as you can, so that you can find a trucking job in a short time. If you are a truck owner, you can check out the load boards as the rates and routes are clearly specified. 

2. Search engines

Googling for the ‘best trucking jobs near me’ would throw up results you’d be interested in. Perform a quick search on other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing too. 

3. Check the government sites

There are a few governments based jobs as well. There are security clearances and other types of testing, but this is a good way to find a reliable trucking job. 

4. Social media

Social mediaSocial media is a good place to start looking too, as many companies post their jobs for free on Facebook and other social media. This gives them access to thousands of people looking for jobs. 

5. Online trucking forums

Online forums set up by trucking industry members have all kinds of information dedicated to trucking. They might not list jobs like other job boards, but members do post jobs from time to time. You might get in touch with truckers near you who might let you know of open positions near you. 

6. Company sites

There might be a company you dream of working for. Visit the company website and check the openings list on the site. Better still, see if you can upload your resume and request to be contacted whenever there is an opening. 

7. Ads

ads posted onlineDo not ignore the PPC as well as other ads posted online, as they may lead to jobs near you. Many companies place location-based ads, so you may find an employer who is looking for a driver based near him or the company. 

8. Truck-stop bulletin boards

This is a tried and tested method of finding work. Make a trip to the truck stops near you, and check the bulletin boards. Local companies might not go online at all, and might simply put up a printout on a board locally. You might completely miss local job openings if you leave out the truck stops. 

9. Check the State Trucking Association

Trucking Associations post comprehensive lists of jobs state wise. Become a member, if you are not one already, and start using your membership to find companies which are looking for drivers.

10. Newspaper and magazine ads

man reading NewspaperDon’t ignore any avenue to find a job near you. The classifieds in the local newspaper might feature trucking ads for deliveries within your own city. Trucking magazines too might list local or regional jobs which suit you. 

Do your research thoroughly about any company that you are interested in, check their reviews online, ask around on trucking forums where you may find truckers who have worked for them or are still working with them.

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