Handsfree Stir Chef to cut down the pain on your wrists

stir chefStirring can be a tedious job for those who have a arthritis problem or when the quantity to be stirred is more than the time at hand. For them the handsfree Stir Chef is the ideal kitchen appliance that works on a 4AA battery, which is included along with the product.

The best part about Stir Chef is that the arms are designed in a way to fit 6 inches to 8-1/2 inches wide saucepan. You just have to place the stirrer in the saucepan such that the wings of the Stir Chef fits exactly to the edge of the sauce pan, followed by the adjustment of stirring settings on Stir Chef.
As simple as that, the stir chef is heat resistant and dishwasher safe and is available at $24 only.

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