Getting the best on style from a kitchen starved for space

A small kitchen can also be stylish, provided you know how to manage the small space available. It is no rocket science though, but just a smart planning. Here are some tips that will help you make your small kitchen appear organized and stylish.

Come up with new storage space

storage space

People usually overfill their counter space in small kitchen because they fail to think about some other nooks. The microwave you keep on your countertop takes quite a space. You should go for an over-the-range model that hangs on the wall, thus, freeing up the countertop space. You can have the area on the side and the top of microwave covered with display cabinets that look attractive.

Splurge on multi-use appliances

multi-use appliances

Downsizing and making your small kitchen not look like a cramped up space does not mean you will have to do without many things. It just means that you are supposed to act smart and pick things that are capable of serving your purpose while keeping your kitchen neat and clean.

The ideal way is to pick majority of appliances and gadgets that are of multi-use. For instance, you need not fill up your crockery section with pasta bowls, soup bowls and ramen bowls. There is no point making your kitchen messy by flaunting so much of crockery. Simply choose a perfect sized set of bowls, in which you can serve and have soup, pasta and ramen.

Island with storage

Island with storage

For your small kitchen, you should choose a kitchen island that has a lot of storage space in it. It will offer you a good surface area and the storage beneath, so you can store wide assortment of your kitchen essentials in it. Hidden storage spaces store things and keep things out of sight, which works wonders for making a small kitchen appear all organized and clean.

Incorporate reflective surfaces

Incorporate reflective surfaces

You cannot really increase the space available but you can certainly create an illusion of a big space. The ideal way to do so is to incorporate reflective surfaces, such as shining cabinets, countertops, tabletops and floors. They shine and make your small kitchen space seem larger. Moreover, such reflective surfaces make a kitchen look stylish.

A small kitchen can be as organized and stylish as a large kitchen is. You just have to put in some efforts and have to be selective in your choice, as in including multi-use and daily use stuff and getting rid of others.

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