Emerilware Grill and Panini Maker: New age cooking

Emerilware Grill and Panini Maker is a user friendly and efficient kitchen appliance for you if your primary interest lies in making use of one gadget to grill as well as make sandwiches (or Panini). Let us see the advantages of this equipment.

Emerilware Grill and Panini Maker

1. Easy to use

Easy to use in its roles of sandwich making and grilling by arranging food on it in three ways – closing the lid and grilling or making the sandwich, keeping the appliance open and using both its sides for grilling and using the appliance as an oven by closing the lid again.

2. Guidance is available

There is a guide to tell you how to use the three modes, time and setting needed for cooking various items, alongside few recipes. However, a drawback of the appliance crops up here. It does not have a Fahrenheit degree setup to indicate the temperature at which the food is being cooked. The heat setting has a leveled divide of five stages, and you can choose on the scale from the highest to lowest temperature.

3. T-Fal base

Both the bases of the appliance – lid and the base used for cooking – have a T-Fal base, which allows grilling without sticking to it, i.e., non stick.

4. Slope to divert oil

The appliance’s grill has a minor slope which efficiently diverts the food of any extra oil you may have added for grilling or baking purpose.

5. Easy to clean

The appliance is easy to clean given its T-Fal, not permitting grease to cling to it. Once used, by protecting the detachable power source of the appliance, you can simply wash it with a sponge under the basin tap or put it in the dishwasher itself.

You can also use the Emerilware Grill and Panini Maker as a closed barbecue grilling appliance for items that can be squeezed to a thickness of two inches. But a minor downside of the unit is that apart from the main power sockets that you connect to the electricity board for starting it, it does not have its own on/off knob.

Overall, the appliance is a good investment.

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