Eggeterian’s Delight: Oster 4716 Egg Cooker and Poacher

fteOster 4716 Egg Cooker is simply amazing; it can be a perfect Christmas Gift for your wife, or chef. Oster 4716 Egg Cooker and Poacher can boil up to eight eggs, from hard, medium to soft texture. It can also poach four eggs at a time…this is unbelievable. The greatest thing about this cooker is that it signals you when the eggs are ready-to-serve. The non-stick and non-staining surface makes cleaning extremely easier.

The best part of this cooker is that it is available in just $34.95. So, what are you waiting for, if you are not adding this extremely convenient-to-use and useful thing to your kitchen then may be you that you have enough time to handle eggs at Christmas. You can cut down your cooking time by purchasing Oster 4716 Egg Cooker at the online retail store at Amazon.

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