DeLonghi’s Rotisserie Oven to bake meats the ‘Convection’ way


DeLonghi presents an unique oven, which works on the basis of convection. Here convection involves the transfer of heat from the rising of warm, low sinking fluid to the sinking of cool high density fluids. In this Rotisserie Oven this process is achieved by the in-built dual heating system, which can roast, bake, broil, keep warm, defrost, rotisserie and pizza.

This Rotisserie Oven has the capacity to hold upto 5 lb. of poultry or meat, which can be cooked simultaneously in the same oven on different racks. This technically advanced appliance knows what it means to have a perfect roast turkey for a thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, you can place the order for this appliance at the online retail store of Williams-Sonoma for $430 only.

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