Every home has a favorite place to cook, eat & enjoy family moments. That is a kitchen. And a kitchen is incomplete without modular equipment like a microwave oven.  In today’s time and age, this extraordinary appliance is a necessity for every kitchen. There are a lot of fruitful benefits accompanying a microwave that will convince you to invest in this quality appliance. Whether you use the microwave to crack popcorns, bake cupcakes or reheat leftovers from last night, it does it all for you, in no time. If you are still searching for the right microwave for your kitchen, then you have three criteria to follow- type, brand, and price. Let’s help you find the best microwave that fits your budget.

  • Panasonic NN-SD372S Microwave:

    Panasonic introduced new Inverter Technology Microwave NN-SD372S with an automatic heat and re-heat framework. In this inverter technology, the microwave has unique accessible popcorn key that pops your popcorn smoothly and doesn’t twist popcorns to a chunk of ash. It has a stainless steel body with 0.8 square feet of micro-oven space, 25-inch extensive turntable and 10 capacity level settings. Classic microwave models evacuate fluctuating low-level emission, but Panasonic inverter technology microwave produces a durable power of low steamed energy cooking. Panasonic claims that the backup inverter helps meal preserve minerals, nutrients, color, and essence. Panasonic microwave is environment-friendly, needs less material in the assembling procedure and is available at a very cheap price. All these various advantages of Panasonic microwave makes a compact and energetic microwave.

  • Samsung MG11H2020CT Microwave:

    If you are tired of re-heating your last night’s leftover food with your ordinary oven then this would be a great option. This microwave is well-manufactured and it comes with a wide range of features. With a baking power of 1000 watts and 10 capacity level settings, Samsung has introduced a counter-top microwave that lets you bake and cook a number of meals more effectively. Relish delicious & crispy meals within a few minutes as the grill operation lets your food crisp and brown seemingly while managing a juicier internally. Its durable earthenware or ceramic coated interior is very easy to clean and is scratch resistant. The 1.1 sq.ft capacity and 12.4 inches wide inbuilt glass turntable offer sufficient room for mouth-watering foods to cook evenly. A range of preset cooking options helps you to cook delicious food with a simple touch of your fingers. Choose from a spectrum of preset cooking options by simply touching a button and relish thoroughly cooked dishes. Its eco-mode function preserves energy by switching off the display when you are not using it.

  • LG LCRT2010ST Microwave:

    Your life will be good with LG brand new and best-patented technology enabled LCRT2010ST microwave. This eligible microwave satisfies all your cooking requirements, and this makes it the best option under your budget of $200. This countertop microwave is manufactured to ease your cooking ways. Although this is enough to convince you to make this microwave a part of your kitchen, it also has added benefits that will make your jaw drop. The sensor cooking technology enables this microwave to function by understanding the humidity inside the microwave and later adapts the heat according to that. Its scratch resistant and easy to clean features saves your time once you are done with cooking. This microwave brings to the table a convex cavity inside its body that eradicates all the solid ends. 

  • Cuisinart CMW-100 1-Cu. Ft. Microwave:

    Cuisinart is a reliable brand to trust when it comes to cooking appliances. Cuisinart microwave is nowadays making a mark amongst various brands because of its excellent cooking features. Its 1000 watts high-power rating feature with 2-stage cooking technology that enables you to go to and fro from defrosting to cooking seamlessly. It has an easy-to-use touchpad control function with an LCD support feature. The microwave comes with a 9-inch turntable to offer more space for all your mouth-watering dishes to cook beautifully. This state-of-the-art microwave has a chic chrome knob and is absolutely BPA free. All of these features make it the best buy within your budget.

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