Anolon 9 Inch Spring Form Pan gives a suregrip over the bakeware


Anolon’s 9 Inch Spring Form Pan is simply functional with a baking capacity up to 500°F and a non-stick surface that allows the cake to slip-on the serving plate with ease. But let me tell you that the design of the Spring Form Pan is such that it will attract you to serve the cake with the base of the pan. Anolon Suregrip Bakeware is without any handle so that you can be sure that the bakeware’s heavy weight and slip-free coating is going to provide you with a ‘sure grip’.

This pan helps you to release the food easily as you open the clamp. This bakeware is ultimate for cakes, pies and other baked desserts. You just have to put your order at the online retail store of Pans.

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