10 different ways to remodel your kitchen

Kitchen remodel ideas

If you are not happy with your current kitchen design, you can remodel it and make it more convenient. Most of the homeowners try to incorporate some simple changes to their homes in order to add value, enhance the look and feel, add more space or simply for a complete makeover. However, you have to be very careful while remodeling because it has to be very comfortable and convenient. Apart from that, it has to address all the issues you had in your previous kitchen. A remodeled kitchen has enhanced ergonomics, better storage capacity and higher resale value. Here are 10 different ways in which you can remodel your kitchen.

1. Built-in coffee center

If you do not have a separate area for your coffee, try this latest built-in coffee center. It saves a lot of space and comes in various stunning colors and models. It delivers customized cups of cappuccino, espresso and coffee whenever you need with just a push of a button. The sleek and stylish built-in design saves a lot of counter space.

2. Sculptural stove hoods

Add style to your cooking area by incorporating the stylish and structural stove hoods. They come with beautiful sculptural and curvy shapes to enhance the look and feel of your dull kitchen. Choose from the latest wall mount hoods that are made of materials like stainless steel, treated glass, etc. Some hoods even have added features like overhead spice rack for storing your valuable spices.

3. 21st century cabinetry

Cabinets are the most important things in the kitchen. They occupy maximum area and are used for concealing most of the kitchen items. With the 21st century cabinetry, you will be able to use modern cabinet designs that use minimal space and reduce the need for hardware. They are available with new and innovative surfaces like bamboo, aluminum, semi-translucent glass or high-gloss lacquer. You will have a sleek and modern looking kitchen with a lot of space.

4. Dual-fuel ranges

Cooking experts often debate on the benefits of electric and gas cooking ranges. Many top manufacturers offer superior quality cooking ranges that combine the benefits of both gas and electric cooktops. The style of these dual ranges can be traditional or contemporary types according to the material used for manufacturing them. You can choose from stainless steel to cast iron cooktops for adding value to your kitchen.

5. Appliances that pop

Use kitchen appliances that are bright, colorful and stylish. The colors add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. If you have a dull colored kitchen choose some appliances in bold colors like orange, red, blue, etc. to add a special ambiance. Avoid using dull colored appliances as they will understate the overall looks.

6. Italian cooking gadgets

Most of the kitchen accessories used in modern kitchens have an Italian theme like the state-of-art cappuccino makers, gelato makers, stainless steel truffle shavers, etc. Most of these add a lot of style and are very convenient to work with. One of the latest must-have appliances is the Panini grill that can be used for making hot-pressed sandwiches, Italian style.

7. Computerized appliances

Home or kitchen appliances for the next generation are essentially computer controlled. They are multifunctional, cyber smart and interactive. One of the latest additions to this variety is the refrigerator that has internet capacities, messaging, TV/DVD features and email facilities. So get one for your kitchen if you want to design an ultramodern kitchen.

8. Designer dishwasher

Dishwasher is also an important component of your kitchen. If you still haven’t got one, choose one of the high-end models that come with a lot of interesting features. Some of the latest models have concealed cabinet fronts that make it easy for using it as a storage area as well as a dishwasher without the need to transfer. A different model offers the convenience of cleaning up large number of items making it very easy to handle large dinner parties at home.

9. Custom countertops

Modern kitchens are designed with custom countertops making it very comfortable for the homeowners. Some of the custom touches used lately are marble pastry slab inserts and wooden butcher blocks. Some owners even use a mix of different materials like concrete that is embedded with pieces of metal and stone. Stones like marble and soapstone are becoming very popular these days. Similarly, sealed concrete, stainless steel, engineered quartz and woods like mahogany are also being used profusely.

10. Sleek wine refrigeration

Wine refrigerators come in various sleek models. Some of them can hold about 147 bottles. They even have smaller units attached that are built-in drawers. Some models are equipped with microprocessors. They provide the benefits of touchpad control and digital cooling system. These refrigerators provide ideal temperatures and humidity levels in different zones. This enables proper storage of white and red wines.

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